It has been my pleasure to co-chair the Luncheon Literary Society meetings for the year of 2015. It was my job to send out e-mails to invite members of this writing group to the next meeting and then to facilitate the meeting.

During 2015 we have met for lunch at several different restaurants including Jackson’s Cafeteria, Golden Corral, McAllister’s (on Herlong Ave), and Luigi and Sons Italian Restaurant, all in Rock Hill. We have also met at the home of Peter Hildebrandt on two occasions. I also had to cancel one meeting because of weather conditions.

It has been a good year. Writing is sometimes a lonely profession, but when writing friends gather around a table to share a meal and their latest work, great friendships are forged. We’ve read, laughed, cried, critiqued together, brought together by the love of the written word.

Here’s a shout-out to our members who have published works and/or blogs:

Judith Barban–Crown of Jewels (poetry); Poplar River (novel); Meredith’s Wolf (novel)

Kim Blum-Hyclak–In the Garden of Life and Death: A Mother Daughter Walk (poetry)

Beth Crosby–blog:; “Wordsmithing” column, York County Magazine.

Ed R Green–Hope: The Sapphire Prison, Book One (novel)

Peter Hildebrandt–The Rest Is Silence (novel)

Barbara Lunow–Are We There Yet? (non-fiction); Star Drops and Spider Hair (poetry, to be published Jan 2016)

Jean Wheeler–Gayle’s Awakening (novel); Search for Reality (non-fiction)

Donna Wylie–Dark Corner of War (non-fiction, to be published)

Signing off now, I am your humble servant, a poet at heart, who is working on a poetry chapbook and/or a short story collection and/or a murder/mystery, Martha T. Robinson.

Update–Nov. 8th Event

There have been a few changes to the Nov. 8th Event at Happy Accidents and Paint Party Plus, located at 157 N. Main Street, Suite 300, Rock Hill.

The Brunch in honor of Kevin and Carla Lilly and baby Peyton, soon-to-arrive, will be at 1 pm.  To contribute to the menu or to paper products fund, contact Kim Blum-Hyclak (

To see a list of suggested books for the baby basket, contact Joy Colter (

Featured Readers for the Prose and Poetry Event from 3 to 5 pm will be:

Larry Timbs, co-author of Fishing Springs.

Jean Wheeler, author of Gayle’s Awakening and Search for Reality.

Open Mic will follow, so dust off a poem or short piece and bring one to read.

Donna Wylie–My Writing Journey

My writing journey in the development of my uncle’s memoir, Dark Corner of War, consisted of a series of steps which began with writing a story about my Uncle Sumpter Wylie. The creative process started fifteen years ago with week-long writing classes at John C. Campbell Folk School in the mountains of North Carolina.

Using the research tools of family stories, letters, interviews with relatives, World War II books and articles, the mystery of his death unfolded along with many unanswered questions. In the process, I got to know Charles Sumpter Wylie as an individual, not just a casualty of war.

One such sojourn to connect the missing pieces of his life began on July 11, 2011 with a visit to see my first cousin, Joyce Jasper. When I arrived at the Charlotte Amtrak Station, it felt like déjà vu. The station had not changed in the forty years since I first traveled to Virginia for a reunion with an old college friend. Worn out wooden benches complimented grimy beige walls. A rabbit-eared television set was still on duty in the upper right-hand corner of the wall.

My train departed at 7:00 a.m. for Petersburg, Virginia. The symbolism did not escape me as I contemplated the fateful trip my mother, Martha, and her younger brother, Sumpter, took in 1929—two youngsters embarking on an uncertain adventure to an orphanage in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They had no idea of the challenges and pain awaiting them. During their first train ride, fear and excitement swirled through their minds and hearts. Their traveling companions, however, “Negroes and prostitutes” as my mother recalled, put Martha and Sumpter at ease by talking and listening to them.

As I got off the train car, Joyce, her daughter and son-in-law were straining to spot me. My seventy-eight year old cousin, hobbled over to greet me with a slow southern drawl. The sixteen years that had separated us melted away. Joyce remembered details of her life as a ten-year old girl whose uncle came by to visit her family prior to his being deployed overseas.

“I will never forget how attentive Sumpter was to me. I was just a little kid, but he made me feel so important by spending time with me. Before he left, Sump gave me a keepsake, his tan colored army cap with instructions to hold onto it until his return home.”

Sadly, Joyce never saw Uncle Sumpter again, and the cap was lost through several moves of my cousin’s family.

My writing journey to publish Dark Corner of War continues.

Oct. 3 Meeting Cancelled

Because of the current weather conditions and the headlines of Rock Hill The Herald–“Streets Flooding”, “Stay Inside”, “Avoid Travel”, the October 3rd meeting of the Luncheon Literary Society has been cancelled. Some of our members drive from the surrounding areas to Rock Hill, and we do not want to endanger anyone’s life. Stay safe–and either read a great book, or sit down and write one!

Brunch/Baby Gift/Poetry/Prose Reading–Sun. Nov. 8

An announcement from Evelyn Eickmeyer-Quinones, a participant of the Luncheon Literary Society (LLS) and the prose/poetry readings at the Happy Accidents Art Studio, located at 157 E. Main Street, Suite 300, Rock Hill, SC (above Amelies’s French Bakery):

Happy Accidents proprietors Kevin Lilly and Carla Bryant Lilly are expecting their first child together!  Evelyn, along with fellow poet, Joy Colter, are coordinating a small celebration in Carla and Kevin’s honor.

Brunch and a Gift

Evelyn and Joy will host a brunch at 1:00 on November 8th, before the 3:00 monthly reading at Happy Accidents. They will also collect children’s books for a gift basket to be presented at that gathering.

The Gift

Joy has been kind enough to pull together a list of noteworthy children’s book titles, but ALL books are welcome!  Please click on the title spreadsheet link if you’d like to review the list, and let Joy know,​ (,) if you do buy a book on the list, so that duplications can be avoided.​

The Brunch

Ev is coordinating the brunch, and welcomes all contributions:  Cooked, purchased and/or funded!  Please let her know what you’d like to contribute by adding a comment to this blog by November 1st.  Ev’s supplying bagels and cream cheese, and will be bringing an orange juice based, non-alcoholic punch, and coffee.   Since Ev will also be supplying paper goods she’s asking for a $1.00 contribution from anyone who would like to contribute, and if you would like to bring your contribution to the October LLS meeting, that would be great. All leftover paper goods will be given to Carla and Kevin for future events.

Any Questions?

Feel free to direct any questions to Ev at “” please put the word


​i​n the subject line.  There’s no need to “cc” an email to the entire mail list, just so that we can respect each other’s’ in-boxes! Ev will ask Martha Robinson to post any noteworthy information to the LLS blog for everyone’s reference.

Let’s all celebrate in this gift of life that Carla and Kevin have been blessed with together!

Featured Readers:

Larry Timbs, co-author of Fishing Springs.

Martha T. Robinson, poet and short story writer.

Open Mic will follow the Featured Readers, so dust off your poems and/or short prose and sign up to read!





September 5, 2015

The next meeting of the Luncheon Literary Society writing group will be Saturday, September 5, 2015, at Jackson’s Cafeteria, 1735 Heckle Blvd., Rock Hill, SC, from 11 am to 2 pm.

We welcome creative writers of all genres. If you are in the area and would like to attend, respond in the “Comments” section.

LLS’s 5th-Year Celebration Rap

This rap was written and performed by Judith Barban at our celebration meeting, Saturday, August 1, 2015. Check out Judith’s website at :

Before you read, visualize an Italian restaurant and get a syncopated beat of a rap going in your mind.

We’re a traveling bunch

that meets for lunch

we gather and we read

and I must concede

that everybody’s writing

is quite exciting

when we critique

we find what’s weak

and we make it strong

doesn’t take us long

we welcome each correction

’cause we strive for perfection

consider each suggestion

without any question

in this next year

we’ll write without fear

’cause we know we got friends

who’ll help with amends

and if you don’t relent

you’ll end up in print

if all goes well

you’ll have a book to sell

so stay in the loop

stick with the group

’cause it’s the LLS

that’s the key to success

June 6, 2015 meeting

Hello Happy Writers!

original quill artwork by Rosemary Gray 2011 – all

original quill artwork
by Rosemary Gray 2011 – all

The Luncheon Literary Society would like to invite anyone who writes creatively to attend our next meeting, to be held Saturday, June 6, from 11 am to 2 pm at Golden Corral, located at 1031 North Anderson Road, Rock Hill.

You will need to purchase your lunch and beverage and then move to the far left corner of the restaurant. The lunch buffet cost is $9.29, with $1 discount for seniors, and beverages are $2.19.

Our talented members include short story writers, novelists, poets, children book writers, memoir writers, blog writers, book illustrators. Most have been published and/or have authored books (which may be available for sale).

If you attend, bring enough copies of your work-in-progress for each person to have a copy to read and to offer helpful critiques. Our maximum limits are 7 pages of prose (double-spaced, size 12 font) or 3 poems (which can be single-spaced).

We welcome first time visitors.

May 2 LLS Meeting


original quill artwork by Rosemary Gray 2011 – all

original quill artwork
by Rosemary Gray 2011 – all

The Luncheon Literary Society will meet Saturday, May 2, from 11 am to 2 pm at the Golden Corrall, 1031 North Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC. For directions, menu, and price list see:

Members of our group include poets, short story writers, novelists, bloggers, children book writers, illustrators, and memoir writers. Some have published work, while others are just beginning their writing journey.

If you are a writer who would like to receive support and/or critiques of your works-in-progress, we invite you to attend. You may leave a comment here, or send an e-mail to

The maximum number of pages to bring are 7 pages of double-spaced,  font size 12, of prose or 3 poems. Poems may be single-spaced.

Please bring enough copies for each attendee to be able to read your work and to make helpful suggestions.

Writers’ Secrets Uncovered, April 25, 2015


CONTACT: Beth Crosby, Chairman Mobile: 803-493-2054

Register Now for Spring Writers Workshop


The Rock Hill Chapter of the South Carolina Writers Workshop is presenting the ninth annual WRITERS INTENSIVE WORKSHOP on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at Grace Lutheran Church located as 426 Oakland Avenue in Rock Hill. This year’s theme is “Writers’ Secrets Uncovered.” Each participant may choose four from an array of twenty-four sessions, a panel discussion, and optional critiques. Sessions are presented for beginning writers through published authors and include many genres, poetry, and illustration. As an added bonus, participants will get the opportunity to meet other writers and professionals in the industry.

Registration is from 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. The cost is $30 for non-members and $25 for members of SCWW and students age 16 and older. Lunch is included in this day-long event. Space is limited, so pre-register at to select your sessions.

For more details, visit