Special Guest: Author Jamie Mason


Luncheon Literary Society Meets on the first Saturday, monthly, at Thursday’s Too.

 Jamie Mason will address the Luncheon Literary Society on Saturday, March 16, 2013.

She will be signing her debut mystery novel, THREE GRAVES FULL. However, the book should be pre-ordered and brought to the event.

Jamie will also share about her journey, offering tips about writing, revising, and publishing, plus as time permits, a Q & A session.

Join us at 9:45 am, through 1:00 pm as we kick off 2013 with guest speaker 
Jamie Mason.

To register, use this link…

Lunch choices:


Soup of the Day & Chicken Salad Sandwich  – $7.50

Garden Salad – $5.00

Garden Salad w/ Chicken – $7.99

Rock Hill burger w/fries  – $7.95 

drinks not included 

There is no charge to attend, but donations are welcome

When you register, please mark you lunch choice.

Directions and more information about Thursday’s Too…

The Luncheon Literary Society is a critique group offering input to writers about their works-in-progress.

Critiques are suspended this month to allot our speaker enough time to speak and sign books.

Meeting on the first Saturday, monthly, at Thursday’s Too.

Critiques will resume in April.

 register for this event here…

4 thoughts on “Special Guest: Author Jamie Mason

    • wordwaggers says:

      Hello, Hattie,
      Thanks for your interest. Our group meets every first Saturday of the month, with our next meeting October 5, from 10:00 am until around 2:00 pm. Our membership consists of all genres and we have published and unpublished writers of poetry, short stories, novels, etc. Some aspire to be published and others write for their own satisfaction. Membership receives a reminder email about the monthly meeting to which they respond as to whether they plan to attend, then another email advising of the number of expected attendees. We accept a maximum of seven double-spaced pages in reasonable font size, usually 12, of your work for you to bring to the meeting. Attendees are expected to bring enough copies of their work for each attendee to have for critique.
      As you read your work aloud, each attendee writes comments on their copy, and a short verbal critique follows your reading. You receive your copies back that include the attendees’ comments and input for your consideration. The comments are not just the ‘atta boy…great job’ type, but are intended to help those of us who want to improve our writing and presentation skills, as well as hear what others think of our work and get their honest input. I’ve found it invaluable.
      Let me know if you are interested and I’ll see that you’re included in the monthly reminder. If you don’t respond after the third reminder, we assume you aren’t interested and drop you from distribution. I hope you’ll decide to join us on October 5, and see how you like it. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Rosemary C. Gray

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