It has been my pleasure to co-chair the Luncheon Literary Society meetings for the year of 2015. It was my job to send out e-mails to invite members of this writing group to the next meeting and then to facilitate the meeting.

During 2015 we have met for lunch at several different restaurants including Jackson’s Cafeteria, Golden Corral, McAllister’s (on Herlong Ave), and Luigi and Sons Italian Restaurant, all in Rock Hill. We have also met at the home of Peter Hildebrandt on two occasions. I also had to cancel one meeting because of weather conditions.

It has been a good year. Writing is sometimes a lonely profession, but when writing friends gather around a table to share a meal and their latest work, great friendships are forged. We’ve read, laughed, cried, critiqued together, brought together by the love of the written word.

Here’s a shout-out to our members who have published works and/or blogs:

Judith Barban–Crown of Jewels (poetry); Poplar River (novel); Meredith’s Wolf (novel)

Kim Blum-Hyclak–In the Garden of Life and Death: A Mother Daughter Walk (poetry)

Beth Crosby–blog:; “Wordsmithing” column, York County Magazine.

Ed R Green–Hope: The Sapphire Prison, Book One (novel)

Peter Hildebrandt–The Rest Is Silence (novel)

Barbara Lunow–Are We There Yet? (non-fiction); Star Drops and Spider Hair (poetry, to be published Jan 2016)

Jean Wheeler–Gayle’s Awakening (novel); Search for Reality (non-fiction)

Donna Wylie–Dark Corner of War (non-fiction, to be published)

Signing off now, I am your humble servant, a poet at heart, who is working on a poetry chapbook and/or a short story collection and/or a murder/mystery, Martha T. Robinson.

Spotlight on: Ed R. Green, author of Hope: The Sapphire Prison, Book One

 I have been in a writers’ critique group with Ed R. Green for several years, so I was already familiar with and liked the main characters of Hope: The Sapphire Prison, Book One. Terek, a human, and Alora, a siriad, along with Maya and Orendalen, a newlywed elven couple, journey together on a mission of peace.

What a delight it was to read the complete story of their adventures as Councilor for Forestwaith and Ambassadors for Solifi. Green does an excellent job of setting the scene. Whether the group is traveling through the Living Swamp or trudging through the desert toward a confrontation with the dragons in the Mountains of Change, the reader is right there with Terek and his companions. Green’s action and battle scenes are also good.

What I liked best was the way the different “people” groups worked together to resolve their issues and to bring peace to their world. I loved the chapter titles. The inclusion of a map of the country of Parania was helpful as was the Appendix with pronunciations of unusual names and terms.

Green’s fans are eagerly awaiting the publication of the next four books in this series. Thanks, Ed, for a journey into a very different world.





LLS Interview Questions & Answers:

  • How did you develop the unusual lands Parania and Terranil?           
  • How flattering. I’m just a historian. During my visits to the planet Mera, I had the honor of interviewing a number of scholars, predominantly in the elven port city of Yahna.


  • Who designed your cover?           
  • Graphic designer Craig Faris did an excellent job with the cover art of Hope, using a portrait photograph by Andy Lawless.


  • If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?           
  • That’s a tough one. There have been many. My major influences include the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Leo Tolstoy.


  • What are your current project(s)? 
  • I’m in the process of writing Curse of the Illusionist, which involves many of the surviving victors of The War of the Mistress and The Secret War, conflicts I related in The Sapphire Prison series.


  • Where can people purchase your book?           
  • Hope, book one of The Sapphire Prison series, is available at
  • For the paperback version, go to
  • For the ebook version for Kindle or PC, go to
  • Also, you can just go to and type “The Sapphire Prison” in their search field. Hope will pop up.
  • When The Ring of Woodland Stars and the rest of the series is published, they will be available from Amazon as well.

For more information about Ed R Green, check out his website at