LLS’s 5th-Year Celebration Rap

This rap was written and performed by Judith Barban at our celebration meeting, Saturday, August 1, 2015. Check out Judith’s website at : http://judithbarban.com/.

Before you read, visualize an Italian restaurant and get a syncopated beat of a rap going in your mind.

We’re a traveling bunch

that meets for lunch

we gather and we read

and I must concede

that everybody’s writing

is quite exciting

when we critique

we find what’s weak

and we make it strong

doesn’t take us long

we welcome each correction

’cause we strive for perfection

consider each suggestion

without any question

in this next year

we’ll write without fear

’cause we know we got friends

who’ll help with amends

and if you don’t relent

you’ll end up in print

if all goes well

you’ll have a book to sell

so stay in the loop

stick with the group

’cause it’s the LLS

that’s the key to success