Who We Are

Luncheon Literary Society   February 9, 2015

 Our Story

Think Brady Bunch music:

Here’s the story, of four writer-friends, who were seeking critical support. They were all members, of other writing groups, yet they just needed more.

Then the one day when the four spoke together, they voiced a dream of longer sessions, including lunch. They told others, searched high and low, then soon discovered, they could be a bunch!

Welcome to the Luncheon Literary Society

The Luncheon Literary Society was established in August, 2010 as an organization for writers to meet like-minded others, critique works and create a cohesive support group. LLS began with four founding members, each who already attended other critique groups, but desired a more relaxed, engaging and in-depth atmosphere. The group quickly grew to over a dozen within the first two months, and after six months, boasted workshops and author hostings.

LLS meets on the first Saturday, monthly unless a holiday, and asks that you are interested in visiting, RSVP to luncheonliterary@gmail.com.



The Luncheon Literary Society is a group of vibrant writers, welcoming women and men who work with and value books. LLS exists to promote writing and to support the role of writers in the local community.


The purpose of the Luncheon Literary Society is educational. LLS came into being to support writers in a positive, manner. Relating critique methods and engaging writers in a larger community of support with like-minded creators to inform and help one another.

LLS continues this mission through actions such as these:

  • Bring together women and men who are active writers to focus on the craft of writing,
  • Educate and inform writers about quality writing opportunities, and readers through open forums,
  • Respond to requests for information about writer’s critiques and generate and support fellow writers,
  • Serve as a catalyst for all in the writers in the community who wish to work together, and
  • Promote recognition of writer’s achievements in the community.

Please feel free to join us as a guest without any pressure to present material on your initial visit. We meet the first Saturday of each month, at Jackson’s Cafeteria, 1735 Heckle Boulevard, Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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